Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: COMMITMENT. More than 100 thousand people in India start learning German every year in different universities, colleges, institutions etc. But hardly 2 to 3 thousand people actually make their career in German language. Where do these 97 to 98 thousand people vanish? The answer is that they start but they never end. Thousands of people get admission in different universities of Germany, but just because of not completing the syllabus and thereby not getting the certificate, they are forced to drop their dream career. Just teaching German is not sufficient enough to make the career as there are so many steps that these students get stuck at any place/level in between and then no one thinks of the career of these people. This is the biggest and the most important USP of this institution that once You get enrolled here, then just like a child, we take You through: both in terms of knowledge as well as certificate till the point You are enrolled with us. And this is a moral as well as legal commitment. Because Your career only is our career, so if we are not able to make Your career, obviously our career will be jeopardized. Does anyone want to ruin his own career? The institution is run by teachers only and so we understand the seriousness of one’s life and career. At the outset we would like to mention that this is a German specific system where we don't have any other language and so our full focus is on German only. We are privileged to be one of the biggest examination partners of Goethe Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan. Our teachers are highly qualified and we don't take any novice as a teacher. More than 100 people go for the exam every time just from our institute, which is nothing less than a record. Usually people are not able to do even 3 module test papers till B1, we complete 14 Module Test Papers along with 3 main books and 3 reference books!!! The same is valid for B2 and C1 also. All this consists of all the 4 Modules: Reading, Writing, Listening and Spoken. Moreover, we are privileged to be one of those rarest institutes in India whom Goethe Institute has provided the facility to conduct the exam exclusively for us. So, usually You don’t have to wait for the exam. This facility is rarest in India. IN OUR SYSTEM, MEMORIZING IS PROHIBITED. IF YOU HAVE TO MEMORIZE, THEN THERE IS NO BENEFIT OF COMING TO US.
Ans: All those people who are applying for Visa, going to Germany for further studies, research etc. looking for jobs, want to enhance or upgrade their job profile or salary, want to teach, want to get good marks in Graduation or certificate, Diploma and Advance Diploma or want to learn a foreign language for hobby.
Ans: German is very easy and interesting language if one understands it and very difficult and boring if one memorizes it. People memorize 90% and understand 10% and so they find it very difficult. In our teaching method, one understands 90% and memorizes 10%. We have three types of batches and this is the complete time- frame for all the batches.

(5 days* 2.5 hrs)

(2 days* 3.5 hrs)

(5 days*5 hrs)


2.5 months

5 months

40 days


2 months

4 months

2 months**


1 month



On the very 3rd day, we give the complete schedule. The days will extend only in extra and inevitable circumstances. But if a student has been irregular and unpunctual, we do not guarantee any time-frame. We always welcome them with open arms to repeat the batch, but we can’t take the responsibility of their mistakes.
* In special batch, we may call You even on Saturdays and Sundays according to the need of the hour.
** In B2, the system can’t be made so fast as it needs a lot of work to be done at home, so this schedule goes along with Weekdays only.
This fee structure include examination preparation and practice papers (handwritten practice papers) & 3 mock examinations as well. We don’t charge anything extra for examination preparation and mock examination.















If payment is made at one time of three or more levels, minimum 10% and maximum 15% discount is given. So, the fee structure becomes like this:
Three levels together:
  • A1+A2+B1: 35,100 INR(instead of 39,000 INR)
  • A2+B1+B2.1: 36,900 INR(instead of 41,000 INR)
  • B1+B2.1+B2.2: 38,700 INR(instead of 43,000 INR)
  • B2.1+B2.2+C1: 40,500 INR(instead of 45,000 INR)
Four levels together:
  • A1+A2+B1+B2.1: 47,000 INR(instead of 53,000 INR)
  • A2+B1+B2.1+B2.2: 50,000 INR(instead of 56,000 INR)
  • B1+B2.1+B2.2+C1: 52,500 INR(instead of 59,000 INR)
Five levels together:
  • A1+A2+B1+B2.1+B2.2: 60,000 INR(instead of 68,000 INR)
  • A2+B1+B2.1+B2.2+C1: 64,000 INR(instead of 72,000 INR)
Six levels together:
  • A1+A2+B1+B2.1+B2.2+C1: 74,000 INR(instead of 84,000 INR)
Few things must be noted along with the fee structure:
# Books are not included in the fee structure as the fee is so less that we can’t afford to give the books in the fee.
# Examination fee is to be given directly to Max Mueller Bhavan, and as already mentioned You don’t need to pay for A1 and A2 exams if Your goal is B1 or higher than B1.
Ans : Yes. No one among us wants to throw the money at a place which is not worth. Your personal satisfaction is our topmost priority. So the first class is the demo class only. In the very first class, one starts reading, writing and speaking German. We highly recommend that if You don’t find these things, don’t waste Your time and money unnecessarily.
On every Sunday at 11 am, we conduct an orientation program for all those people who are not aware of us or who are willing to know about us. In this program, we basically tell the people our system and our roadmap. This program is of 2 hours and there is NO charge for this.
Ans.: NO. You neither need to repeat the level nor You need to pay the fee. You will be given complimentary Grammar classes without which You can’t afford to move to the next level. The only reason we give these complimentary classes is that once You come here and after that if You can’t clear Your exam, it becomes a matter of shame for us as people always blame the last institute. After these grammar classes, people can easily understand the things and clear the exam.
Ans.: More than that. A comparison is given below. First half of the table is from A1 to B1 and the second half of the table is from B2.1 to C1.
Normal system Our system

Course Books: 3

Course Books: 3

Module Test Papers: 3

Module Test Papers: 14

Reference Books: 0

Reference Books: 5

Normal system

Our system

Course Books: 3

Course Books: 3

Module Test Papers: 2

Module Test Papers: 9

Reference Books: 0

Reference Books: 2

Ans: It’s opposite here. We not only provide the fastest system in India, but also complete more topics than any other system. All the magic lies in our methodology, where people understand very fast and they are also able to adjust themselves easily. If there are 10 people in the class, we don’t move ahead until all the 10 people have understood the things.
Ans: IMPOSSIBLE. IF THAT HAPPENS WE WILL TEACH YOU FOR FREE. One should never compare between apple and orange. Comparison should always be between two similar things. It’s a guarantee that the system with which You are comparing the fee, is not catering German language exclusively and they are not following the system which is followed worldwide. They have made their own system of all the levels, which will take You nowhere and at the end of the day You will be having nothing in Your hand. We know many systems where people take admission and sit with school students. You are going to learn a language and not coming to listen to jokes. They provide their own certificate, which is valid only within the four corners of Your home. If You love Your time and if You are professional enough, You will never land Yourself at a place where You are going to waste Your money and time both.

Now even if You find any system which provides only German, gives the certificate of Max Mueller, takes lesser fee, then please do ask these following questions:
    i) Can You give this thing in writing that I will clear the examination?
    ii) If I couldn’t clear the exam for any reason, will You teach again for free?
    iii) If for any reason I am not able to complete the batch and have to repeat the batch or shift in another batch, will You provide free classes?

Ans : We provide 3 types of batches, so for the next preferred batch, kindly contact the office. We have a very structured way of batch system and not haphazardly oriented.
Ans: YES. We provide jobs both in India as well as in Germany. However we are not consultants/agents and we don’t need a single penny for this purpose. The method of getting the job is quite easy and no one: either we or the job providing agency will charge You anything for that. But this we can’t explain either here or on phone, this we can explain only when You come down here once as there are few things which we can’t disclose here and make public so that everyone can use our USP.
Ans: Yes. You can pay in installments if You are making the payment of two or more levels and in case the payment is made of one level only, then it has to be paid in one go only.
Ans: We are really sorry. The reason is that we take the minimum fee of Delhi with maximum results in the examination having the 11 best teachers of Delhi and with all the facilities. Moreover we teach at least 2 times more than what anyone teaches.If You find something better and faster than our system in German, we will provide Your studies for free.
Ans : Goethe Institute/ Max Mueller Bhavan is the only certifying authority and all Your certificates will be provided by Max Mueller Bhavan. If You have read in our institute, You don’t need to appear for A1 and A2 exams, you can appear directly for B1 and then C1 exam. So You not only save at least nine to fifteen precious months of Your life, but Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 20,500 exam fee of A1, A2 and B2 also. After clearing this exam one gets the certificate which is recognized worldwide. We prepare the students for the exam. We focus on all the four parts that are required for the examination. You need to pay the requisite fee directly to the exam conducting authority. We will keep informing You about this exam.
Ans: A HUGE YES. We do guarantee the result provided You follow our instructions blindly and do whatever we ask You to do. BUT LET US DEFINE THE WORD “GUARANTEE”: It doesn’t mean that You will sit in the exam and You will clear it. It means that You will get the result at any cost. If for bad luck or any reason, You are not able to clear a module or two, we will provide classes again without any extra cost. We never ever charge fee in the name of wrong things.
Ans: A HUGE YES. We do guarantee the result. BUT LET US DEFINE THE WORD “GUARANTEE”: It doesn’t mean that You will sit in the exam and You will clear it. It means that You will get the result at any cost. If for bad luck or any reason, You are not able to clear a module or two, we will provide classes again without any extra cost. We never ever charge fee in the name of wrong things.
Ans: Yes. No need to worry about it. Even if Your English is not good, You can easily manage. In other words, You are not reading one language, but two languages simultaneously in the same fees.
  1. (i). Time frame: Even if You join Your nearest Institute, it will take more than one year to complete B1 and no other institute offers higher than B1.

  2. (ii). Exam system: You will have to appear for the examination of all the three or four or five levels You are completing. Here You need to appear for only two levels.

  3. (iii). Fee: No Institute will ever take this small amount as fees.

  4. (iv). Method of teaching: You have to memorize a lot whereas here You need only to understand.

  5. (v). Class of people: There is a saying that “A person is known by the company he keeps”. There are so many doctors, engineers and other professionals that the classes of people will itself tell You the volume of the system.

  6. (vi). Result: Focus on language and incredible result.

  7. (vii). One starts understanding German within an hour. Nowadays many institutes are trying to follow us and our system, but of no avail. They don’t realize that they can copy our method of one or two hours but not our minds, hard work and the effort in the classroom where all the teachers put their hearts out. This is the reason why we have the maximum number of people in German than any other private institute. This is the reason why people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari come to us exclusively to learn German in Language Pantheon.

  8. (viii). Saving of time and money.

  9. (xi). Unique method which is not available anywhere in India.